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April Becker - 2/22/23

Wildcat Wednesday April Becker

It's Wildcat Wednesday! Every Wednesday, we will spotlight a member of the LR Wildcat family.

This week we are introducing you to April Becker!


Job Title:
Middle School Special Education Teacher

Tell us about your family:
I have three adult children and seven grandchildren.

How long have you been a teacher/worked in education?
This is my 24th year and my last. This is very bittersweet! I have had the privilege to work with the most outstanding and amazing people.

What makes you passionate about education?
Having the opportunity to build relationships with the students and showing them that they matter.

What is your must-have classroom item?
I really do not have an item. Just a classroom where all are welcomed.

If you had to choose a different grade/subject to teach, what would it be?
I would not. Seventh and eighth grade students are such a unique and amazing group of students to work with. There is never a dull moment!

What is something about you that might surprise people?
I was a soil technician for 16 years at an Engineering firm. In other words, I got to play in the mud and get paid for it!

What is one item on your bucket list?
I don't really have a bucket list. Guess I will need to start one after I retire.


Wildcat Wednesday
We are so glad you are part of the Wildcat family April!