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Return To Learn 2020

General Information

LR understands how important Before/After School CatCare is to our working families. We know when school is in session, CatCare needs to be in session as well. As we begin the 2020-2021 school year, we want families to know that health and safety are a top priority for students participating in the CatCare program.

Will Before/After School CatCare be available at each of the three elementary schools?
Yes. As in years past, Before School CatCare will be available at each elementary school. In an effort to lower the number of students on buses, the following changes are being made this year: 

After School CatCare will now be available at all three of the elementary schools.

Students must be dropped off and picked up at the school they attend.

There will be no bus transportation from one school to another for Before/After School CatCare.

We apologize for this inconvenience. 

What can I expect when I drop my student off for the morning session of CatCare?
CatCare staff will take the student’s temperature upon entry. Any student with a fever or showing other symptoms will not be allowed into CatCare. Parents/guardians are being asked to do a symptom self-screening prior to bring their student to CatCare each day.

Will my student still be provided a snack during After School CatCare?
Yes. Snacks will be individually packaged for distribution to each student.

Will masks be required in CatCare?
Yes. Students and staff will be required to wear masks while in CatCare since students are no longer with their classroom group (cohort). 

What other precautions will be taken during CatCare?
In addition to morning and afternoon temperature checks, students will be asked to wash their hands upon arrival. Frequent hand washing opportunities will be provided. Students will be assigned to a class to help with physical distancing and contact tracing. Routine cleaning/sanitization will take place before, during, and after each session. Physical distancing of 6 feet or more is required at all times for all students and staff.

Will my child’s school supplies be shared by everyone?
School supplies will not be shared this year. School supply lists are available here.

How will my student’s specials classes look this year?
Teachers will push in to the classroom when possible to help reinforce student grouping. Classes may be held outdoors. 

Will children get to go to recess?
Yes. We understand how important recess is for all children. There will still be many opportunities to be outside with peers. Classrooms will visit the playground on a schedule that limits interaction between different classrooms and maintains student grouping. Consequently, recess times will be spread throughout the school day. Cleaning precautions are in place, even for outdoor spaces.

Can I attend school parties or have lunch with my student?
Unfortunately, to limit the number of adults in the school, we will temporarily discontinue allowing parent volunteers for parties. Lunch with your student may be allowed in certain areas.

Will my child’s class go on field trips or have guest speakers?
We will likely not go on field trips. However, teachers will work to provide rich experiences through virtual trips and online guest speakers. 

LR is committed to providing quality meals for breakfast and lunch during the 2020-2021 school year. The following procedures have been put into place to ensure the health and safety of students and employees while providing nutritious meals on a daily basis.

How will my child be protected during meal time?
All staff are trained in food safety and will adhere to public health guidelines. LR is working on the least amount of touch points as possible and will work to limit contact points with meal service. Cooks will wear masks and gloves at all times.

How will physical distancing be practiced during breakfast and lunch?
PK – 5 breakfast will be in the classroom. Grades 6 – 12  breakfast will be grab-n-go style, in cafeteria and/or classroom with physical distancing.

K – 5 Lunch will be scheduled in classrooms and cafeterias to accommodate physical distancing and keep student groupings (cohorts) while in the cafeteria.

Since grades 6 – 12 change classes and intermingle with other grade levels, cohorting is not possible. Therefore, students will have options to eat lunch in alternative classrooms/spaces in order to accommodate for physical distancing. We are also working to modify/add lunch periods.


Will students be required to wear a mask?
Grades PK – 5 Masks must be worn when student grouping (cohorts) is not possible. Grades 6-12 Masks must be worn at all times when physical distancing is not possible.

Will staff be required to wear a mask?
Yes. All staff must wear a face covering when physical distancing is not possible.

Will staff temperatures be checked?
Yes. Staff will be scanned daily upon entrance into the school regardless of response color/level at the time.

Will students’ temperature and symptoms be checked?
Yes. Students will be screened for symptoms as needed and periodically throughout the day. Student temperatures may be taken in the classroom to avoid bottlenecks at the exterior doors and to help with maintaining physical distance during arrival. If a child visits the nurse, temperature will be checked. The nursing department will have infra-red thermometers to use. Red / Level 2 response will require a temperature check for everyone entering the school daily.

What will be the protocol for a sick student?
We have worked with our local health departments to establish a response to student or staff illnesses. Guidelines for fever free will be 24 hours WITHOUT fever reducing medications. Parents must contact their child’s school when students are absent or become ill. Students with COVID symptoms at school will be immediately placed in a safe space, masked, and with the nurse/counselor until parents arrive.

How do I bring medicine to school?
When you have the medicine and the doctor’s consent form, please drop off medications at the school office or arrange a time to meet with the school nurse.


How will my child learn important standards which may have been missed but are necessary in the next course or grade level for success?
This past spring, teams of teachers collaborated to determine the standards which were to be taught in the Spring 2020 and are essential to student success at the next grade level or the next course. These standards will be highlighted in the curriculum, and teachers will assess and reinforce these standards. There will be an emphasis on the English Language Arts (ELA) / Reading and Math essential standards. 

If students get sick or have to self-quarantine, how will they access instruction?
Alternative methods of instruction will be made available when in-person instruction is not possible. Alternative methods of instruction may include, but are not limited to virtual courses. 

We have a high-risk medical situation in our family, what are our options besides in-person school for 20-21?
Students needing an alternative to in-person instruction, due to a high-risk medical situation may contact their child’s school. Procedures are in place to partner with families to determine what is in the “best educational interest” of a student.

We understand that during this unusual time, many students are faced with additional stress and/or anxiety. As always, we want to partner with families to support students in the best way possible. Please contact your child’s counselor if your child is experiencing any issues.

If my child is anxious or concerned about returning to school, what can I do to help?
Talk to your child and find out the reason for their concern. Provide them reassurance and answer their questions, share information pertaining to their concern and seek answers if you are unaware. As always, reach out to your child’s school for additional assistance.

How will the social-emotional health of my child be addressed when classroom instruction resumes?
Counselors will focus on the social-emotional health of students. Activities will be focused on awareness, identification, and assessment of potential concerns that would warrant further communication.

Counselors will collaborate with teachers on classroom activities to address student mental health upon return to school.

Teachers will provide classroom lessons on school expectations and structure around health, safety, and physical distancing practices to help students re-adjust to an in-person school schedule.

What type of services are available for my student through the school?
School counselors are wonderful outlets for kids when they are feeling stressed or overwhelmed with school or life in general. We encourage parents to talk to their children daily in order partner with the school counselors to meet the needs of students. Please let us know about any concerns.

Why are we not following the Governor’s guidelines for K-12 schools?
It is our school board policy that we follow the guidelines provided by the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) AND local county or city health departments.

County health departments interpret the guidance differently. LR sits in three (3) different counties. We do our best to work collaboratively with all our county partners. The delay in LR’s response was at the request of the county health department while they digested the new information. Greene County notified schools with their final guidance document Saturday, November 21, and plans to release the guidelines to the public Monday, November 23, 2020. Webster County Health Unit has a scheduled meeting Tuesday, November 24.

Why are we even considering allowing students who have been exposed to a COVID positive case attend school?
Dr. Rachel Orscheln, Associate Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Infectious Diseases at Washington University and St. Louis Children’s Hospital has worked closely with DHSS and DESE throughout the pandemic, providing expertise to ongoing conversations related to K-12 school reopening and operating guidance. 

Dr. Orscheln said, “We also know that some of these children will likely, at some point in their illness, be at school. However, we have learned that in schools where students and staff are always wearing masks and practicing physical distancing, this virus does not spread as easily as it does in other places where these strategies are not always used.”

Why is K-3 not under the mask mandate?
PK-3 masking will not change at this time. We believe masks can help slow the spread of the virus and PK-3 students can adapt to the behavior of wearing a mask. Many of them do choose to wear a mask daily. Quarantines tend to overshadow the positive cases. However, K-1 has only had one classroom cohort quarantined this school year. It seems counterproductive to put our youngest students in masks, more than they already are, when the risk of quarantine is the lowest of any grade level in the district. They are already masking on the bus, in/out of the classroom, transitions, and when specials push in. We prefer our youngest to have as close to a normal school experience as possible.

Grades 2-3 have a unique problem. Due to the construction, they have no cafeteria to spread out for breakfast or lunch, therefore, they are eating in their classrooms where it is impossible to distance 6 feet. They are unmasked more than 15 total minutes due to meals alone. Regardless of our mask efforts the rest of the day, modified quarantine guidelines will not apply to grades 2-3. We will continue to mask PK-3 when cohorting is not possible.

Will the Upper Elementary (4-6 grade), since it sits in Webster County, follow the same guidelines as Greene County?
Webster County Health Unit Advisory Committee has a meeting at 6:00 PM, Tuesday, November 24 to determine its interpretation of the new guidance on modified quarantine.

How will I know if my child is considered a close contact?
Parents will still receive a call from their child’s school if their child has been identified as a close contact.

While my child is under modified quarantine, can they still participate in school extracurricular activities and sports?
No. At the end of the school day, once a student is off the bus or leaves campus, they must follow normal quarantine guidelines and stay at home under quarantine. Modified quarantine ONLY applies to school hours for the purpose of attending school in-person.

If my child is identified as a close contact do we still quarantine during evenings and weekends?
Yes, your child must still quarantine. Modified quarantine allows your child to still attend in-person school while they are on quarantine. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their student quarantines the remainder of the day.

While my child is under modified quarantine, can they still ride the bus and attend before/after school CatCare?
Yes. We will maintain the same precautions of masking 100% of the time and cohorting while at Catcare and on the bus.

Does this mean we are changing from Level Yellow to Level Red?
No. This is a modification to masking protocols and quarantine guidelines. We are still attending school in-person.

LR recognizes the importance of providing special services to eligible students. Health and safety are a top priority for all students.

Will special education students, EL students, gifted students, and others be pulled out of the room for instruction?
We plan to maintain student grouping (cohorts) and physical distancing. In order to meet the individual needs of each student, some students will receive services in the classroom and others will receive appropriate services outside their regular classroom. 

How will my student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) services be delivered?
Given current health department guidelines for August, we plan to implement each in-person student’s IEP as written, i.e., if the student’s services are written for the special education environment, they will receive services in that setting. If services are written for the regular education environment, we will provide services in the student’s regular classroom. Safety precautions will be taken between groups of students coming in and out of the special education setting. Should health department guidelines change, we may need to adjust these practices; however, all potential changes will be discussed with the parent/guardian.

How will IEP meetings take place in the fall?
IEP meetings will be held virtually unless there are special circumstances requiring an in-person meeting. Any in-person meetings will be held in a location where social distancing guidelines can be appropriately followed.

LR plans to provide students the opportunity to participate in extra and co-curricular activities. While offering these opportunities, the district will prioritize the health and safety of students and staff by adhering to the county health department recommendations and the guidelines from MSHSAA (Missouri State High School Activities Association). We understand that as we abide by those recommendations some, if not all, of those opportunities may be limited in the extent to which they can be provided.

When competitions/games begin, will spectators be allowed?
LR will follow Greene County Health Department guidance on occupancy. Spectator attendance could be limited. We are working on partnerships to broadcast activities and contests.

What is MSHSAA and the Big 8 Conference planning?
MSHSAA and the Big 8 Conference Executive Committee may further outline guidelines on how athletics and activities will be offered at district high schools and middle schools. As a district, we understand the importance of offering these opportunities to our students and will continue to make every effort to do so. However, we know there may be decisions made by local, state, or national organizations that may prohibit some, if not all, extracurricular activities from taking place.

What can parents/guardians do to help?
Moving forward, this will be a collaborative effort and safety is our priority. All coaches and students must, prior to reporting to any district site, self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms and exposure. Should they have any current symptoms of COVID-19 or if they come into close contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19, they must stay at home and contact their doctor, school, and county health department for guidance.

Will participation in sports and activities be allowed if a student is a full-time online student?
No. Students must be enrolled in at least 4 in-person classes or approved programs such as GOCAPS and OTC.

If the high school or middle school is online instead of in-person, will games and activities still go on?
No. Per MSHSAA, “Schools that are not going to offer in-person classes this fall will not be allowed to participate in sports and activities. If a school deems that it is not safe to hold face to face instruction, then it is inappropriate to have students and coaches come together to participate in sports and activities.”

For the most up to date information from the MSHSAA website, click here.


LR strongly encourages parents to transport their students to school to help with physical distancing on school buses.

Will my child be required to wear a mask on the bus?
Yes, students will be required to wear masks. Reasonable accommodations will be made on a case-by-case basis.

How will physical distancing work on a bus?
Students will load the bus back-to-front with assigned seats. Family units will sit together three (3) per seat. The seat behind the driver will be left open. No more than two (2) non-family members per seat.

How often are school buses disinfected?
Buses will be disinfected after each route morning and afternoon, A & B, and mid-day routes.

Will bus drivers have their temperature checked daily?
Yes, bus drivers will have their temperatures checked daily along with completing a symptom self-screening.

What additional sanitization precautions are being used on the bus?
Students will be provided hand sanitizer when they board the bus. Windows and/or roof hatch will be open to circulate air within the bus.

Will transportation be provided for special requests (bus passes) for the 2020-2021 school year?
No. To help the county health departments with contact tracing, we must have an accurate and consistent bus roster. Therefore, only a primary and secondary address/bus stop will be allowed. We understand the inconvenience, but we also will not be able to accommodate bus passes.




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